Dr. Amberleigh Carter

About Amberleigh

Amberleigh Carter is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Alternative Medical Practitioner, and Holistic Health Practitioner, offering private sessions to clients worldwide through her consultation company, Kinection Holistic Health, LLC. She runs her in-person, private practice in Baton Rouge, LA and Austin, TX.

Amberleigh is also a podcast host and producer, and she has served as a co-host and guest on multiple podcast channels for the last 7 years.

Additionally, Amberleigh is an E-book author, a former magazine editor and columnist for a Louisiana local magazine, a public speaker, and an entrepreneur.

As a media professional, Amberleigh partners with companies, colleagues, and brands to help connect individuals to healthy options to improve their life. She also works with both corporate wellness and biohacking health conferences as a public speaker and media partner to further educate the public on cutting-edge research, health products, and abstract health concepts.

As a practitioner, Amberleigh helps clients around the world, working with subtle, energetic patterns of information that impact their health and lifestyle.


Amberleigh graduated from Elon University with a degree in Exercise Science and a double minor in Neuroscience and Psychology. She has also earned a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. In addition to her degrees, she holds numerous certifications in alternative, holistic, and energy medicine, as well as completed courses and seminars on functional medicine blood chemistry analysis, cellular nutrition, and both quantum and Newtonian physics. She has been certified as an exercise physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine and as a corrective holistic exercise kinesiologist through the CHEK Institute. In addition, she has an extensive background in scientific research, having served as the Director of the Brain Wellness Program and as an Exercise Interventionist in the Alzheimer’s and Dementia unit of a world-renowned biomedical research institute. Rooted in science and research, Amberleigh has developed a unique practice in being able to apply this knowledge in real-world, tangible ways, and helping her clients achieve a healthier lifestyle with physical results. Book Here or check it out below.