About Amberleigh

Amberleigh Carter is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Alternative Medical Practitioner, Holistic Health Practitioner, podcaster, executive producer, business magazine editor, writer & speaker, business owner, entrepreneur, and lifestyle influencer. Amberleigh helps clients around the world, working with subtle, energetic patterns of information that impact their health and lifestyle. She loves the “vacation life” and is an advocate for the healing power of fun.

Doctor of Metaphysics, Alternative Medical Practitioner, & Holistic Health Practitioner

Amberleigh graduated from Elon University with a degree in Exercise Science and a double minor in Neuroscience and Psychology. She has also earned a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. In addition to her degrees, she holds numerous certifications in alternative, holistic, and energy medicine, as well as completed courses and seminars on functional medicine blood chemistry analysis, cellular nutrition, and both quantum and Newtonian physics. She has been certified as an exercise physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine and as a corrective holistic exercise kinesiologist through the CHEK Institute, and has an extensive background in scientific research, having worked as the Director of Brain Wellness and an Exercise Interventionist in the Alzheimer’s and Dementia unit of a biomedical research institute. Rooted in science and research, Amberleigh has developed a unique practice in reaching her clients’ needs, elevating their spirit and giving them clarity and the tools needed to achieve a healthier lifestyle with tangible results. With fun as the foundation, she offers both private and group sessions. Book Here or check it out below.

Podcast Host & Executive Producer

The “Ask Amberleigh” Podcast

Amberleigh hosts her podcast, “Ask Amberleigh”, on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Here, she and her guests discuss out-of-the-box, but basic and approachable ways to heal the body, offering alternative perspectives for successfully getting people out of stagnate health & lifestyle plateaus. Grounding these discussions with science and entertaining anecdotes, this podcast is an informative venue for understanding how healing can be fun and fun can be healing.

The Ask Amberleigh Show

Amberleigh is the Executive Producer of her show on YouTube. Each show episode is infused with energy activations, while showcasing “vacation vibes” and guests talking about how to use play to gain success in business, health, and lifestyle.

Writer & Speaker

Amberleigh is the Editor of the local magazine, LA Women in Business. In addition to editing the magazine, she also enjoys writing her own health column, “Ask Amberleigh”, where readers can email all of their health & lifestyle questions to her at askamberleigh@lawomeninbusiness.com for a chance to be answered in the upcoming issues. She has contributed articles for multiple media works, as well as had a number of blogs and magazine articles written about her intriguing work. Furthermore, she uses her social media pages as a writing outlet for health tips and personal anecdotes.

Amberleigh offers speaking engagements for corporate wellness or private events about work-life balance, health, energy, lifestyle, and anything the group desires. She also picks individuals out of the crowd to work on and showcase energy healing.

Entrepreneur & Lifestyle Influencer

Amberleigh served as the sensational co-host of the popular podcast, “Raw Talk with Sheena”, that was featured on WELL + GOOD as the top “14 Podcasts the Well + Good Team Is Obsessed With Right Now” in 2017. She, furthermore, gained notoriety when she jokingly referring to herself as a “Basic Witch” on a pop culture podcast, catching fire and leading to her development of the Basic Witch Apparel line and healing tour around the country. She also owns multiple trademarks and businesses, along with having developed her “Dr. Carter’s Thyroid Juice” with Raw Republic Juice Bar in New Orleans.

With Amberleigh’s relatability and the way she talks about products and a healthy lifestyle on her podcast episodes, magazine articles, and social media outlets, along with her extensive research and knowledge of products and services that support a healthy lifestyle, she has quickly become a trusted and go-to source for recommendations.