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“It’s like working with your most intimate friend…the one who really sees you and loves you anyway…while holding a non-judgmental space to see clearly what you already know to be true inside of you, but can’t necessarily see for yourself until Amberleigh holds up that mirror for you. This is resonance. And why private sessions with Amberleigh are both groundbreaking and transformative. It doesn’t feel like therapy or work, either. It’s basic concepts discussed in such simple ways, that it feels as easy as breathing. She just points things out to you that hit you to your core and connects you back to parts of yourself you didn’t know were there. In essence, Amberleigh reminds me how to love myself more deeply–she connects me back to me, belonging to myself again and bringing me home. After working with Amberleigh, I feel calm and safe in my own body, giving me back my power. And the best part is that it’s brought fun back into my life again.”– anonymous

What clients say….

Testimonial (Beverly Hills, CA; November 2018)
You can book a Private Session with Amberleigh here: Book Private Session
Testimonial (Mandeville, LA; May 2019)
You can book a Private Session with Amberleigh here: Book Private Session
Testimonial (New Orleans, LA; August 2022)


Rinal Shah, CEO & Founder of The Traveling Cure (New Jersey)

Amberleigh is beyond incredible!! There are not enough amazing things I can say about her and the work she does. The first time I worked with her was in person in NOLA, about 5 years ago, and I was blown away. I remember the session being incredible, but what really blew me away happened on my way out of the session. I was talking to her while I was leaving and I mentioned that I had been dealing with terrible, chronic migraines for over 10 years (at that point) and neither I nor doctors/a multitude of MRIs and test could tell me what was causing them so frequently. So she proceeded to do some tapping (and other things) on me while I stood in front if her and I kid you not, my entire body started falling towards her. I had never felt something like that before- she explained I was in her field and re-grounded me. I was completely blown away and from that point on did not have another migraine for 2 years!! I work with her consistently now and she is always so accurate, precise and will guide you so beautifully through what you’re experiencing. She knows exactly what your body and mind need (from nutrition that will help you clear up blocks/challenges you may be facing, to clearing mental or lineage blocks that you may not even know you have). If you haven’t experienced an energy healing session before and are a little (or a lot) nervous about what to expect, it honestly feels like a conversation with your closest friend because Amberleigh is relatable, authentic, and makes you feel so comfortable around her. I feel like she’s a holistic therapist/everyone’s best friend lol. I don’t live in NOLA, so I always partake in her phone sessions; and you might think they’re not as effective if you’re not in person, but let me tell you, that is not the case at all. Her energy is so powerful and healing that you will feel the results even over the phone. She has given me endless amounts of relief and comfort about the future or how to proceed with certain challenges, and even helped me remove blocks preventing me from starting my own business. She holds such a supportive and loving space for you that allows you to heal yourself so much in just one session. Like I said, I can’t say enough amazing things about Amberleigh, and I am so lucky to have crossed paths with her. You, certainly, will feel the same after a session with her. She is truly a light in this world and such a beautiful “human”. If you’re looking to better your life and don’t know where to start, this is your sign to book a session with Amberleigh! <3

Carrie C. (Louisiana)

Over the last five years Amberleigh has been through all of my highest and lowest moments. My venture to my best self will always include her guidance, and I know I would still be wandering aimless without it! If you are skeptical about this work, don’t be. Dive whole heartedly! In my very first session Amberleigh recalled events that there is no way she would have known about if she didn’t have divine guidance. With that information I was relaxed which has allowed me to open up in order to heal! It has also been a good reminder for me to trust my intuition since that point.  I consulted Amberleigh before I swapped careers and she helped me map out the future! With her pushing my intuition, I was able to be prepared for exactly what I was walking into. She even warned me of a curve ball, and I was able to be prepared. I was able to get exactly what I had been longing to be a part of without hesitation. After my most recent session, I felt more connected to myself than I have in years. Although I have been working through abandonment and loss over the past years with many small victories I was thrilled to have her there to help push me to a major breakthrough. A sense of hope, joy, and the exact information I needed to make one of the biggest decisions of my life to date. 

Sheena M. (Texas)

Amberleigh helps me to be in the presence of my highest self when I need support in taking that next step or getting through a crisis. She’s been there for me and helped me to remain in my integrity when I couldn’t access that clear head space by myself. She can be your best-friend/cheerleader support PLUS high level intellectual and spiritual guide which, I believe, everyone (especially business owners) needs right now. Hiring Amberleigh to support you with her unique combination of energetic, healing, and conscious perspective is a gift in expansion.

Kathryn, Doctor of Chiropractic (Minneapolis, MN)

Dr. Amberleigh has helped me exponentially over the past few years to become my best self. She is extremely talented at talking with my guides and getting to the root of my concerns. She is able to communicate in a soft, relatable, but extremely effective way. She speaks the pure truth. She is by far my top mentor and every session I am blown away at how she is able to connect and give my own power back. It all comes back to self love. She helps you become your own best healer, which is what the best doctors bring out of their clients.

Christina Carter, Intu It Parenting and Wellness (Louisiana)

Having an energy session with Amberleigh is one of my favorite things in the world. My greatest potential becomes so crystal clear during a session. I feel energized in my body and in alignment to take inspired action for weeks after a session, because Amberleigh’s laser focus on any blocks or dysfunctions is so exact and precise, and she helps to shift you out of those patterns and into what’s possible. It’s as if she brings you above the fog and clouds to where the sun is brightly shining and everything is so clear. Amberleigh’s guidance and abilities are so incredibly helpful, exceeding my expectation every single time. The lasting effects of an energy session with Amberleigh are completely transformative and truly remarkable.

Katie Green, HHP, NMT with Green Living Holistic Health & Therapy (Louisiana)

Amberleigh’s wisdom, insight, and intellect in the world of energy healing is entirely unmatched. She always sheds the necessary light on dark situations and somehow finds a way to alter my perception of a scenario into a constructive outlook. Her heart combined with her brain is an invigorating solution to all the world’s problems.

Cristy Cali, Cristy Cali Jewelry (Arizona)

As someone who also studies metaphysics and is passionate about personal development in all dimensions, I knew Amberleigh would be the best person to consult with because we speak the same language. My jewelry business is the way in which I express myself creatively and I was experiencing a sort of “designer’s block,” lack of confidence, and uncertain of which direction to go. Amberleigh really helped me, not only shift, but open my perspective to a whole new level to the point my creative flow has turned on like a waterfall and I’m beyond excited of what to design & produce next. I may be intuitive and know myself well; nevertheless, we all need someone at different points in our lives to help us “zoom out” and take a step back to reanalyze the choices and opportunities before us. She is objective and neutral, while guiding you to explore and reanalyze the different paths available. Highly recommend!

Sarah Stafford, Life Death Life Energetics (California)

My sessions with Amberleigh have been the most visceral energy sessions I have ever had with any practitioner. Worth every penny. The first session I ever did left me stunned with how much shifted during our time together. I felt physically and energetically changed for the better and every session after that has helped me up-level my life and come back to center. I practice my own form of energy healing and Tarot, so I am exceptionally choosy when it comes to vetting other practitioners. If you’re thinking about investing in a session with Amberleigh, I would, without hesitation, highly recommend it. Thank you Amberleigh!

Tabitha (Walker, LA)

In my session with Amberleigh we discussed my diabetes, my routines, my vibration and belief systems concerning feminine and masculine energy. I gained clarity and we made a plan for me to start a routine. Amberleigh told me to listen to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston pop hits as I dance around the kitchen and cook breakfast. That was a small part of what we discussed and it made a huge difference in my life. I realized later that dancing and singing brought in more feminine energy into my world. I began to feel like myself for the first time in a very long time. For that I am grateful. In my opinion there is no one better to meet with and take a look at yourself with. Also, since my session I have been working on maintaining a higher frequency bc I was shown that I had been operating in a frequency of depletion. I am more relaxed and my business is thriving with less effort on my part! I won’t go into too much detail because I know that each session is different for everyone, but my experience was wonderful and I will continue to work with her. I recommend her to everyone that I speak to that I think can benefit from her gifts, compassion and knowledge – I haven’t met anyone yet that doesn’t fit the bill. Thanks Doc 💯

M.L. (Louisiana)

I urge anyone reading this to start taking the time to work on your mindset/energy. Amberleigh’s expertise was out of my comfort zone, but I am beyond grateful that I was feeling vulnerable enough one day to schedule an appointment. I’ve now been a client for 2 years, and have changed and healed for the better. Thank you… my favorite doctor 🙂

Lindsay B. (Louisiana)

Wow! I’ve been working with Amberleigh for many years now. Her incredibly intuitive approach with me has been life-changing. She has helped me through wildly difficult situations I have faced recently and I am forever grateful for this gift of a human in my life!

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Volunteers at Corporate Wellness Retreat (Baton Rouge, LA; September 2020)
You can book a Private Session with Amberleigh here: Book Private Session

Sessions are offered to clients worldwide over the phone. In-person sessions are offered to clients in Austin, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana upon request. Amberleigh also travels to various cities around the country to conduct sessions, podcast, and speak at private and corporate events.

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