The Ask Amberleigh YouTube Channel

Subscribe to “The Ask Amberleigh Show” on YouTube, where Amberleigh showcases “vacation vibes” in the intro reel of each episode, producing an energy activation effect on the viewer. She interviews individuals going against the grain, negating societal norms, and reaching success in various ways across business, health, and lifestyle. In addition, an energy activation is infused in the end of each show…meaning, you can feel it as if you were in a session with Amberleigh! Enjoy the show!

The Ask Amberleigh Show Ep. 2 “Circle yes or no, if you wanna be friends with me” with Tamica Lee on friendship, manifestation, and how to use vacation to get what you want.
The Ask Amberleigh Show: Episode 1 “Play to Pay” with Sheena Mannina + Clay Carter on how to use fun and play to be successful in business.
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