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Just as Amberleigh offers out-of-the-box, fun experiences for her client sessions, Amberleigh also travels around to record podcasts, recording in places like inside of a swimming pool, in the middle of Central Park, in a Bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and on the beach. The fun environment adds an energetic, palpable effect while listening, to the extent that you can receive benefits as you would if you were in a private session with her!

S2 Episode 2: Does Silver Turn Your Skin Blue? The Myths, Facts, & Benefits of Colloidal Silver with Silver Biotics CSO Steve Revelli Ask Amberleigh

Ever wondered if ingesting Silver will turn your skin blue? Or if taking Silver with an MTHFR genetic mutation will do more harm than good? Steve Revelli, Chief Scientific Officer of Silver Biotics explains the difference between ionic silver and colloidal silver and the myths, facts, and benefits of colloidal silver in the Silver Biotics products. Anything from wound healing to dental care and immunity, Silver is a fascinating and very helpful element!I personally use and have seen immediate results with their skin cream, toothpaste, wound gel, and immune support product. I share the ways I use them and how the immune support cleaned up the mess caused by a round of antibiotics I took.When I find an excellent product, with the science to back it up, I can't wait to share it with you!You can follow them on Instagram @silverbiotics and check out Silver Biotics on their website and you can use my code DRCARTER for a discount!Enjoy!
  1. S2 Episode 2: Does Silver Turn Your Skin Blue? The Myths, Facts, & Benefits of Colloidal Silver with Silver Biotics CSO Steve Revelli
  2. How to Use Your Genes to Change Your Body with Dr. Tyler Panzner
  3. Episode 12: The Keys to Improving the Parent-Child Relationship + How to Get Your Needs Met, with Conscious Parenting Coach + Relationship Expert, Christina Carter
  4. Episode 11: "Let That Sh*t Go": Why the American Woman Cannot Lose Weight! All About Detoxing with Nurse Practitioner + Chiropractor Jonathan Mendoza, President + CEO of MSW Lounge
  5. Episode 10: All About the Thyroid, Stress, and Detoxification with Brandon Alleman, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

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Other Podcasts

Amberleigh has been a podcast guest, co-host, and host of various podcasts around the country.

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Raw Talk with Sheena

#79 The DR. is in. All About Metaphysics w/ Amberleigh (September 1, 2018) The reunion episode between Amberleigh and Sheena is here!! Get ready for things to get weird….

Straight Up With Stassi

Dating Disorders and Eating Disorders with Amberleigh Carter (September 22, 2016) On this episode of Straight Up with Stassi, Stassi and her guest Amberleigh Carter get real about dating disorders and eating disorders, delving into past (and present) relationships with both food and men.

The Danielle Mercurio Show

The Science Behind all the Woo with Dr. Amberleigh Carter (October 22, 2018) Dr. Amberleigh Carter, a doctor of Metaphysics (the science of what’s beyond human perception or the 3rd dimension) is the ultimate testament of what happens when you surrender to everything you thought you knew and shift into something unknown. The two discuss her coming out moment while auditioning for the Bachelor, how to create conversation with the universe, and the way you can crystalize your home to make it a stress-free zen space!

How Do You Health? Podcast

The Study of Being, A Metaphysical Conversation with Dr. Amberleigh Carter (October 2021) This episode was a lot of fun to shoot. We got into conversations that we normally can’t have with just anyone. Not from a professional standpoint. We’ve had them before, but it was so much fun to dive deep into metaphysical subjects with Dr. Amberleigh. She’s a wealth of knowledge in that field. Levitating? Yup! We even covered that!

Watch a clip of this podcast episode below!
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