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Formerly, the “Ask Amberleigh” podcast will now be “The Ask Amberleigh Show”, Launching October 1, 2023. A new season (Season 3) with a new twist!

Ask Amberleigh Podcast

S2 E3: Is Your DNA Causing Problems in Your Relationships & Health, and Can You Change It? with CEO of The DNA Co. and Author of 'The DNA Way', Kashif Khan Ask Amberleigh

This episode features Kashif Khan, CEO of The DNA Company, author of 'The DNA Way', a TEDx speaker, and host of The Unpilled Podcast.Kashif talks about:the difference between genetics and epigenetics and how much control you have over how your genetics expressthe impact your DNA has on how you process and utilize hormoneshow depression might be a genetic mutation affecting your ability to utilize Vitamin Dhow cancer may or may not be geneticeczemavitaminsMS, Lupus, Autismpersonality traits and addictionrelationships and more!To order a DNA kit from The DNA Co. use the code ACARTER for 15% off at thednacompany.com/acarterTo order 'The DNA Way' book, go to thednaway.comTo learn more from Kashif Khan, go check out his podcast 'The Unpilled Podcast' and you can follow him on Instagram @kashifkhanofficialFor Amberleigh's Histamine Supplement Rec: Biome Breakthrough x BiOptimizers (Vanilla) use code DRCARTER for a discount bioptimizers.com/shop/products/biome-breakthrough-vanilla
  1. S2 E3: Is Your DNA Causing Problems in Your Relationships & Health, and Can You Change It? with CEO of The DNA Co. and Author of 'The DNA Way', Kashif Khan
  2. S2 Episode 2: Does Silver Turn Your Skin Blue? The Myths, Facts, & Benefits of Colloidal Silver with Silver Biotics CSO Steve Revelli
  3. How to Use Your Genes to Change Your Body with Dr. Tyler Panzner
  4. Episode 12: The Keys to Improving the Parent-Child Relationship + How to Get Your Needs Met, with Conscious Parenting Coach + Relationship Expert, Christina Carter
  5. Episode 11: "Let That Sh*t Go": Why the American Woman Cannot Lose Weight! All About Detoxing with Nurse Practitioner + Chiropractor Jonathan Mendoza, President + CEO of MSW Lounge

For more episodes similar to the podcast, check out Ask Amberleigh on YouTube!

Other Podcasts

Podcast Co-Host & Guest

In addition to Amberleigh currently hosting and producing her own podcast, “Ask Amberleigh”, Amberleigh has also co-hosted over 50+ podcast episodes on “Raw Talk with Sheena”. With the audience charmed by her witty banter and forward-thinking health insights, she helped make the podcast a sensation, being chosen by WELL+GOOD as the top “14 Podcasts the WELL+GOOD Team Is Obsessed With Right Now” in 2017. Amberleigh produced a live podcast tour across the U.S. in 2016-2017 (Boston, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Austin, Houston, New York, New Orleans+), and she created and hosted 2 live weekend events in New Orleans, conducting interviews of health experts, performing sessions on stage, recording podcasts with a live studio audience, teaching health concepts, and more.

She also was the co-host of numerous “Nola Famous” podcasts, interviewing local celebrities, like Ashley Longshore (artist), Tamica Lee (BRAVO TV + WGNO local news anchor), Amanda Shaw (musician), Al Copeland Jr. (restaurateur + philanthropist), and more. Amberleigh is a popular and recurring guest on other podcasts, like “Straight Up with Stassi” x Stassi Schroeder, “How Do You Health?” x Dr. Mendoza, “Unpilled Podcast” x Kashif Khan, and has been the top-downloaded podcast for numerous podcast channels about topics of health, relationships, pop culture, and more.

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