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Stealth Detox Performance Water

This machine goes way beyond just filtering water…it’s a technology that completely transforms the structure and ionic charge of it, thereby, changing your body! A water molecule consists of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom (H2O). But water and the effects it creates in the human body can drastically vary depending on the structure of those molecules, which can be influenced by a human being’s thoughts and intentions (see Masaru Emoto’s studies), how the water has traveled (i.e., down a mountain), and using molecular clustering technology. Stealth Detox Performance Water is a result of such technology. Stealth water is a hydrogen-clustered water that hydrates 8x faster using active hydrogen molecules. This water is an enhanced form of water, boosting oxygen at the cellular level, improving mental clarity, mood, and everyday performance (less fatigue when walking, working, exercising, and more).

The structure of the molecules produces negatively-charged ions, which is the natural frequency of the earth. This means that this water naturally grounds the energy of the body, allowing the organs to detox and flush out toxins, acids, free radicals, and more. This leads to weight loss, clearer and younger-looking skin, more balanced thoughts, and a fortified immune system.

From a metaphysical perspective, grounding the body also helps eliminate certain energy patterns that can block someone from moving forward in all areas of life…which is exactly what happened for Dr. Amberleigh Carter. This water has been life-changing for her, and after doing her own research and having her own experience, she wanted to find out more from the Owner of Stealth, Lakota Muenala, in order to explain how she got those benefits and to find a way to be able to share this water with her clients, colleagues, loved ones…and now her podcast listeners! Take a listen below.

‘Ask Amberleigh’ Podcast Episode 9: The Best She’s Ever Had–Stealth Detox Water with Lakota Muenala
‘Ask Amberleigh Podcast’ featuring Lakota Muenala, Owner of Stealth Detox Water

For all ‘Ask Amberleigh’ Podcast listeners, you can purchase a Stealth Water Unit online HERE and use code “DRCARTER” to receive FREE SHIPPING (a discount of $125 off) and installation assistance! For more information, you can call Lakota directly at (504) 812-4901 and mention this ‘Ask Amberleigh’ Podcast episode to make sure you receive a *Podcast Discount*. See options below.

*Podcast Discount: All podcast listeners receive FREE shipping and assistance with installation with the purchase of a stealth water unit.

**Stealth Water Units can also be financed through Affirm for as low as ~$152/month (interest varies). You can pay off at any time with no penalty and inquiring if you qualify does not affect your credit score.

Dr. Amberleigh Carter’s Experience
Personal overview from Dr. Amberleigh Carter, D.M., A.M.P., H.H.P.

After drinking this water for 3+ months, Amberleigh noticed new/more hair growth on her head, she lost 15 pounds of inflammation, her everyday body aches subsided (especially in her legs, like frequent muscle cramps), her approach to business changed, her thoughts became clearer and lighter, she felt stronger and had more energy and stamina during her day, fine lines in her face disappeared, her muscle tone improved, and she felt grounded in her body. The first couple of months, she went through a detox process, as she started out on the highest cluster of hydrogen (Level 3), which is what professional athletes drink! (But Amberleigh loves a challenge!) The goal is to start out slowly, as to avoid any detox effects. Amberleigh’s clients have also had skin rashes disappear, bacterial infections clear, systemic inflammation reduce, and more! Her clients also report that their kids are behaving better and performing better in school and in sports.

Purchase a Stealth Water Unit for your home!

Stealth Pro and Stealth Elite are two options of having an unlimited supply of Stealth Detox Water right in your home, office, restaurant/business, or gym. The only difference is an above-the-counter, removable option (Stealth Pro) and a sleek, installed option (Stealth Elite). They work the same magic, and the same water comes out of them, with the same features. Price difference indicates the permanent installation technology.

Use discount code ” DRCARTER” at checkout to receive $125 off! If you have further questions, please contact Lakota Muenala at 504-812-4901.

Stealth Pro (removable/good option if renting a home)
Stealth Elite (permanent installation)
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